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Machining tool management

Spinwiser is a tool and inventory management platform for industry 4.0 that involves hardware, software and BI technologies.

Discover this platform that revolutionizes the way tools are controlled, stored and released.

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Optimize the management and consumption of tools on your production line.

Simple, Fast, Where you need them


of average saving in tool consumption


of machine downtime average reduction


of stock average reduction


of average reduction in administrative costs of acquisitions

The most complete solution on the market

Browse the products below and understand how we managed to deliver the most complete tool and stock management platform

Spinwiser Machine

The main product of the Spinwiser solution. A smartlocker, small in size but giant in capacity, that controls local stock and the release of tools to operators according to requisition and rules of limits and permissions.


Spinwiser Totem

The totem expands the Spinwiser experience and control beyond the machine. Enabling exactly the same control and management for your stockroom, warehouse, cabinets, drawers, shelves, etc.

All the same features
of the Spinwiser machine
But it controls
up to 750 positions!

Spinwiser smart locks

Just as the totem expands the possibilities of the platform beyond the machines, the locks raise the control of the tools managed by the totem to the same level as the machine. That is, with these smart locks you can have the security of correct release of tools in your own cabinet or drawer.

All features of the Spinwiser totem Controlling up to 480
lockable positions!

Management System

Absolutely everything that is possible on the platform, such as registering, configuring, extracting reports, making analyzes, releasing permissions, and everything else is done by an online system. Managers can access anytime, from anywhere, and any device. Industry 4.0 does not stop, there is no time, and we went deep in that thought.

Operational Interface

Where everything happens. It is for this application, simple, intuitive, pre-configured in each cabinet and totem, or downloaded from the app stores for your device, where it is possible to make the tool requests. All authenticated, securely, and quickly.

It does not stop here

The platform offers complementary solutions for specific use cases or needs:

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is an additional module that enables management with automatic production targeting in real time through intelligent data collectors connected to the machines.

AM (Assemblies Management) is an additional module that allows complete control of the tool cycle, considering the assemblies as a set of tools and treating them with their particularities.

MPI (Manufacturing Process Investments) is an additional module that enables a complete and accurate study of different scenarios and different production processes for an assertive decision making in the choice of the process, existing or new parts, more effective and profitable for your company

TPR (Tool Performance Reports) is an additional module that allows you to choose and monitor the best tools for your production process.

In this way we are able to attend the entire tool cycle, ensuring:

• Productivity increase

• Accurate inventory control

• Reduction in production and inventory costs

• On-time actions for anomalous consumption

• 24x7 control

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